The Badger On: The 5th Wave (Movie)

I went and saw the 5th Wave on Saturday night with my bf and my eldest niece. I had read, and what I mean by read I mean listened to the audiobook, of the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey a couple of years ago because I had heard good things about the book from a podcast that I listened to, I believe it was the Hype Podcast but I could be wrong about that. So I went into this movie knowing more about it than my bf and niece did.


First off the movie is incredibly faithful to the book. Of course there was things cut out and a few things changed but as a whole it was a faithful adaptation compared to other adaptations out there. If you know nothing of the movie or the book it is pretty much a teen post-apocalyptic novel but instead of a war or a natural disaster it is an alien invasion. The aliens appear and their plans come in waves the first wave is their arrival, the second is by using an electro-magnetic pulse they get rid of the power source so nothing works, cars crash and aeroplanes fall out of the sky. The third wave is natural disasters and the fourth is a flu like virus spread by birds. Each of these waves are used to kill of the human population. The 5th wave is pretty much to turn humankind against each other as the aliens have been hiding in plain sight all along as sleeper agents.


The story centre around Cassiopeia “Cassie” Sullivan (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her trying to get to her brother Sam (Zachary Arthur) who has been taken to a the military base of Wright-Paterson. The base of course run by the aliens in disguise who are training the kids they collect to kill off humans that are not sleepers agents by tricking them into believing that they are. Cassie is helped by a sleeper, Evan Walker (Alex Roe), who has switched sides because he has fallen in love with Cassie. We see what happens at the military base through Cassie’s high school crush Ben Parish (Nick Robinson), who is giving the nickname Zombie, who is the unit leader of the group that has Sam in it, his nickname is Nugget. Eventually Ben and his team figure it out while Cassie makes her way to the base and they meet up and escape with the help of Evan, who we do not know if he is alive or dead.


The movie was a good movie and I did like it and so did my niece but then she is in the right age range of 14. My bf liked it too but thought it was a bit slow at the beginning but expected more action and thinks it is better movie to watch on DVD.