The Badger On: Deadpool (Movie)

I have to start out by saying that I usually don’t see this many new movies and considering what is coming up I think there might me more reviews than I thought. I really have to mix it up though and add some books (which I am working on) and some TV (which I scratched but might take up again if I can actually get through watching full episodes without being distracted).

Any who, Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool. What can I say about Deadpool.

First off it is a very different superhero movie, if you can call Deadpool a superhero at all which he himself wouldn’t.

Second of all it has a lot of violence, bad and suggestively bad language nudity but not as much as I thought that here would be considering the character in question.

Thirdly it is very funny and I don’t just mean the movie itself but the opening and closing credits are funny and so is the after credits scene. Yes, there is an after credits scene.

It is also told in a non-linear way which for a superhero movie and an origin story is very different but suits this character well. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall often which I am told he does in his comic books as well and like the non-linear way it is told suits him.

Ryan Reynolds is wonderful but then the character I believe is very much him. Actually all the cast plays their parts well. I don’t think that I am really going to go into the plot and not because it is complicated or anything, actually it is an easy enough movie to follow, but I think it is a movie that you to see yourself and I don’t really want to spoil it.





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