The Badger On: The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness (Book Series)


Finally….. and the first of two posts today: 

Admittedly this is not something brand new to me but it is 3 book series that I continually listen to and enjoy immensely. From that statement you can tell that I have the audiobooks for them but I also have hard copies of the first two and own digital copies of all three. That is how much I have enjoyed these books. 

The series consists of:

The Discovery of Witches

Shadow of Night

The Book of Life

It is a urban fantasy with romance and a little bit of adventure. In this world there are humans, witches, vampires and demons (described in the first book as either Rock Stars or Serial Killers). There are more humans than there are of the other three ‘creatures’ and they live in plain sight. They are however not allowed to dabble in human politics or religion or allowed to mingle with each other in public as they become more noticeable to humans.

The stories revolves around Diana Bishop, who is a witch and a descendant of Bridget Bishop who was executed at Salem, she is a history professor specialising in the history of science and in particular alchemy. She is a non-practicing witch who decided to not use magic after her parents died in Africa, they were both powerful witches and anthropologist. The problem is that she is also very powerful and the magic is seeping out.

She unwittingly calls up a manuscript Ashmole 782, also known as the Book of Life, which has a spell placed on it that it will only open for her when she needs it. The breaking of the spell alerts the other creatures of its existence and bring her to the attention of Matthew Clairmont, a 1500 year old vampire who has been searching for the manuscript for a very long time. 

This unlikely pair of witch and vampire will fall in love and with the congregation, a council of 3 of each creature, and a more dangerous foe wanting not only the manuscript but to keep them apart Diana and Matthew will not only need to find out what secrets that Ashmole 782 holds but learn all they can about the magic that Diana possesses.

The books are set in England, France, Upstate New York,  Tudor England (Diana’s a Timewalker) and various locales in Europe. All three a great read or listen, if you are so inclined, with all three read by Jennifer Ikeda in the audiobooks version. She reads it well though she does change the way she voices the character of Gallowglass from an English accent in Shadow of Night to his actual Scottish origins in the Book of Life.  



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