The Badger On: A Silent Voice (Anime Movie)


Admittedly I have watched this movie a couple of times, the most recent being over the weekend, and I actually thought that I had already reviewed it, maybe I started to but got distracted and never finished it. I however went through my posts and realised that I hadn’t and I am a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t.

This film tackles some heavy themes with the main one being bullying though it does also cover suicide and redemption. It is not an easy or comfortable movie to watch, especially the beginning but it is still a really good story and it is beautifully animated though admittedly some of the minor characters could have bene fleshed out a little more and the run time of 2 hours is a little long.

It follows the actions of Shoya Ishida, who as a kid bullied a classmate, Shoko Nishimiya until she was forced to change schools. Shoko is deaf and though Shoya was not the only one in his class that bullied her he was the only one called out for it and he in turn was bullied when he tried to make this point.

Now a teenager in high school Shoya is an outcast, he has no real friends and has problems looking people in the eyes, so much so that everyone in school has a big X over their faces. He sees his past as a punishment and decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge but comes to his senses. He intends to make amends and goes to return a notebook of Shoko’s that he thrown into a pond and that he recovered when he was pushed into it. They begin to meet at a bridge and feed the koi together.

He also makes a friend in Tomohiro Nagatsuka, another outcast at school after he stopped a bully from stealing his bike. He also meets Shoko’s younger sister Yuzuru, who is a talented photographer, and is sceptical of Shoya intentions, but eventually comes around after he shows her kindness after she posted an embarrassing picture online of Shoya that got him suspended from school.

Though they all hang out and Shoya and Shoko reunites with some of their old classmates, both Shoya and Shoko are still carrying a lot of baggage. Shoko, in particular displays self-loathing for her disability and blames herself for everything that happened to Shoya. It climaxes with Shoko attempting suicide and Shoya saving her but in the process falling into a coma. After he comes to he apologizes for his past behaviour and ask her to help him continue to live.

Shoya and Shoko visit his school festival together where he is reunited with his new friends and old ones and for the first time he is able to look others in the eye and believes that he has finally found his redemption and forgiveness for his past actions.

As I said the beginning it might be a hard movie to watch especially if you have experienced bullying of any kind but it worth a watch. It is emotional and shows that redemption is possible if you want it and work at it.





The Badger On: BECK: Monglian Chop Squad (Anime)


I have been a little quiet of late. I have had a few things going on with work and my upcoming wedding and general anxiety and depression issue but hopefully I will get back to writing a little more and that leads me into this review because it has made me think of writing again not just my blogs but in general because I haven’t been doing any form of writing in a long while.

Before streaming became a thing I used to buy a lot of my anime and Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad was one that I always saw and it always caught my eye but I never bought because I didn’t think it was my thing. I wasn’t really into the whole slice-of-life shows and more into things that had a more fantasy bent, magic and action and a little bit of comedy and such.

Lately I think I am gravitating more towards that kind of thing. Two of my previous reviews in Your Lie In April and Prince of Stride: Alternative reflect that I guess and that leads me into BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad.

Like Your Lie in April this one revolves around music, which I guess is another thing that I really pay attention in when it comes to anime, which is rather odd because I don’t really pay attention to it in others shows and movies that I watch unless it plays a significant part in the plot or it is Harry Potter, but I might leave that for another time.

Unlike Your Lie In April, where it revolved around classical music and competitions, BECK revolves around rock/alternative music and bands and in particular the forming of and the highs and lows of the titular one.

The show focuses on Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka, a middle school student who feels average and has no real direction in his young life. After saving a strange looking dog, whose name is Beck, from some kids he meets the owner, talented guitarist Ryusuke “Ray” Minami. They develop a friendship and Ryusuke encourages Koyuki to learn to play guitar himself. It turns out that Koyuki has a bit of a talent, not only with playing but also as a singer and eventually songwriter.

While Koyuki is learning to play, Ryusuke is forming his band which includes emotional, karate kicking singer/rapper Chiba, stoic and insightful bassist Taira, and a drummer by the name of Togo who eventually leaves due to family issues. Koyuki introduces his friend Taku to Ryusuke, who turns out to be a drummer and the band is set and named BECK after the dog, though the name is a placeholder.

There are other elements in this story such as bullying that Koyuki experiences at school due to jealousy, his relationship/romance with Ryusuke’s younger sister Maho and also his friendship with Saito, a former Olympic swimmer who teaches him to play guitar and to swim. Another element revolves around Ryusuke and the guitar he plays, a bullet riddled Gibson Les Paul named Prudence, and it’s connection to a blues guitarist and his nephew who is a music producer/gangster in America.

After working their way through the club/pub scene in Tokyo Beck gains the attention of an indie label in America and release an album under the name of Mongolian Chop Squad which becomes quite popular on the college scene. They also get a chance to play at a major music festival, Grateful Sound, but this is where everything starts to fall apart and plan to split up after the show. They however draw the biggest crowd, despite playing on the smallest stage due to the weather and the determination and passion of Koyuki.

They all end going their separate ways however, with Ryusuke disappearing, Chiba working at his family’s ramen shop, Taira joining another band and Taku moving to another school, though he states that he will return if Koyuki is able to get BECK back together. He does, sans Ryusuke, and they get offered a tour in America, in which Ryusuke joins them in the end.

This anime made me think and feel so much so that I am having trouble putting into words exactly why this show has affected me. Maybe it is because of Koyuki’s feelings at the beginning on the show and how he changed after finding music. I think at the moment I am kind of feeling that and need to find that passion again. Maybe it is just the music itself, as rock/alternative music is my kind of music. I don’t know, maybe a re-watch is in order.













The Badger On: Steins;Gate (Anime)



Sci-Fi is not something that I am that into. It is more the Eagle’s kind of thing. The technical side of things pretty much go over my head though admittedly I will say that I probably have a bit of a fondness for sci-fi that involves time travel. I do watch Doctor Who after all, though I don’t consider myself to be a Whovian per say.

That leads me to my review of Steins;Gate and because of the sci-fi and time-travel nature of the show I am going to have an issue trying to review the show. Though I will say that I have watched it a couple of times now and every time there is something new to pick up on, well there was for me anyway.

It is not a run of the mill kind of time-travel show where the main characters hop in a time machine and travel through time for adventure or in the hope of changing something though this last one does occur but the concept of fate also plays a part in it.

The show revolves around Rintaro Okabe, a university student, who likes to think of himself as a Mad Scientist. He runs a lab which he calls the Future Gadgets Lab out of an apartment with Daru, a perverted hacker and his childhood friend and “hostage” Mayuri. After attending a lecture on time-travel Okabe finds the dead body of a neuroscientist Makise Kurisu. He sends a text message to Daru about this but later on finds that Kurisu is alive and that Daru received the message before Okabe sent it.

Am I confusing you, it is a little hard to wrap your head around I know.

Well anyway Okabe and his friends, have created a form of time-travel in which they can send messages, which they call ‘D-Mail’, back in time. He allows an assortment of friends, who he invites to join the lab, to send messages by D-Mail and as such the time-line changes though Okabe remembers the changes from each time-line.

Unfortunately an organisation called SERN (a play of the scientific research organisation CERN) are also researching time-travel and finds out about Okabe and Co’s discovery and will do anything to get a hold of it which leads to Mayuri’s death. Using D-Mail Okabe jumps from time-line to time-line hoping to change this but cannot stop Mayuri’s death. He eventually comes to the conclusion that he needs to undo the D-Mails sent as each one pushes back Mayuri’s death. Eventually there is only one left but if he undoes that one it will mean that Kurisu will be dead and he has developed feelings for her and she reciprocates those feelings.

This show has a lot of emotional weight not just with our main characters. The reasons for each of the D-Mails sent has a very significant reason and meaning for the sender and having to undo them is not only emotional for them but for Okabe as well. Each of the characters grow but that growth is especially evident in Okabe who starts off in the beginning being a bit of a jerk but with the weight of the choices that he makes and the guilt he carries he becomes quite a caring individual.

The show starts off slow but it gives you the chance to get to know the characters in the story but once it hits the midway mark it definitely picks up in pace. The voice acting is wonderful and naturally the theme song is also great.




The Badger On: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1

infinity war

I was never sure that we were going to see this in theatre or wait for it come out digitally or on DVD. It was only on the recommendation of the Eagle’s niece that we actually did got to see it and coming from a tween and Marvel fan I can see why she was impressed.

Look I am not saying that it is a bad movie because it was well made and acted like all Marvel movies are but at the same time I think it is a little overhyped. It was too long for a movie that has been broken up into two parts and despite all the characters that ‘died’ in it I just felt that it lacked any emotional weight to it except maybe one, which despite my past of not worrying about spoilers I will not reveal that one and see if anyone who reads this can guess.

Well any who time for a little plot description I guess and I will try to make this a short as possible though considering the length of the movie it might be a little hard.

Thanos (Josh Brolin) thinks that they best ways to save the galaxy is kill half the population as he thinks the universe if overpopulated. To do this he needs to collect the 6 infinity stones (Power, Space, Time, Mind, Reality and Soul).

All the heroes and the occasional villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, apart from Ant-Man and Hawkeye, band together in space and on Earth and attempt to stop him and his lieutenants from doing so. In the process very few of them are left as Thanos achieves his goal though considering this is the first part of a two part movie and nobody really ‘dies’ in comic books/movies this might not be the case.

I think I did pretty well considering.

As I said it is well acted but I can’t actually pin point if there was a particular stand out. I will say that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange didn’t annoy me as much as he did in his solo movie mainly because I don’t think he could out Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark while they were in the same movie and shared scenes.

The only other nitpick that I have, and so does the Eagle, is with the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). You see him only at the beginning of the movie where he and Thanos fight after which the Hulk is defeated. Bruce Banner spends the rest of the movie trying to coax him out with the Hulk’s response being ‘NO’. Now I know that this movie was heavy in special affects but I still think that it just made the Hulk seem cowardly and that is not how I view the Hulk granted that I am not overly familiar with the history of the Hulk bar the very basics of it all but I never once thought of him as a coward.

The movie, in my opinion, also does not really pass the Bechdel test despite there being plenty of females and they do occasionally talk with each other but since the movie revolves around what is essentially a male and his actions it is hard to tell with only one viewing if they ever talk about anything that does not concern Thanos and what he is doing.

badgerbadgerbadger 1/2



The Badger On: Justice League (Movie)





There was not going to be any doubt that I was going to see this movie. Being the DC fangirl that I am I was always going to see it. The Eagle did not come but I knew that he wouldn’t considering his dislike for Ben Affleck. I however was not alone as my niece had requested this movie as her 10th birthday present so she along with her sister and my mother went along on Friday night (17 November 2017) to see it.

I am probably going to be a little more critical on this movie than a lot of fan reaction that I have seen. Don’t get me wrong I did like the movie a lot but I do see its flaws and it could have been a lot better than what it was. With all the problems they had I am not surprised. With the edits to the script and reshoots to Zack Snyder stepping down and Joss Whedon taking over and I also suspect there may have been a few too many hands in the pie at Warner Brothers when it came to editing as well it is not surprising that the movie seemed a little rushed and the plot and villain seeming weak.

They did however get the heroes right. Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne was a showed his vulnerability a lot more in this film. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman/Diana Prince was the compassionate heart of the team, the den mother. As for the new comers each one of them were in their own way trying to find their place in the world with these new abilities. Ezra Miller’s Flash/Barry Allen is a the light and humour of the film. Jason Momoa Aquaman/Arthur Curry added strength to a character that is seen as weak to those that only know him from the old Superfriends cartoon. Ray Fisher’s Cyborg/Victor Stone I think was the one that I worried about the most as I have a fondness for the Cyborg character but worried that he would not be portrayed quite right. I had nothing to fear though as I think that he was wonderful and added soul to the team.

I guess I can’t talk about the heroes side of things without talking about Superman. I am not the biggest fan of Superman as you may know from my other blog but I have to say I liked him a lot more in this movie than I have before, not that I really had a problem with him in Man of Steel or Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. His disorientation and anger after being resurrected was understandable and I enjoyed his interaction with Flash and their ‘race’ in the movie and also in the credit scene. My elder nieces adores Henry Cavill’s Superman and she gushed about them coming out of the movie.

As stated the plot and the villain were not strong but here goes. I am not going to go into detail about it extensively but I will say that I am not familiar with Steppenwolf as a character as I have not read any books that have him as a character. I know that he has appeared in various DC/Justice League cartoons though he did not make much of an impression on me that I even remembered his name or would know who he was if I was to re-watch. Let just say the arrives meaning to take over and reshape with earth in the name of Darkseid using 3 mother boxes. Batman and Wonder Woman gather up the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg and using one of the mother boxes resurrect Superman and they take Steppenwolf down.

All the main actors act well and the fight scenes and affect were well handled.




The Badger On: Your Name (Movie)


This is the first anime movie that I have done a review on and I couldn’t be happier that it is Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. I would have loved to have seen this in theatre and I did contemplate it but the timing was never right as it was released here in Australia at the end of last year. I actually tried to torrent it but I am happy that I never did as it was worth the wait.


This is a beautifully animated story with a lot of heart and feels and if you like me you will cry by the end of it. The story revolves around Mitsuha, a high school girl living in a small fictional mountain town of Itomori. She is the daughter of the local mayor and lives with her grandmother and little sister in the local shrine where she works as shire-maiden. The other main character is a high school boy named Taki who lives in Tokyo. He is kind, short-tempered and works part-time in an Italian restaurant.


They begin to switch bodies every couple of days and they communicate by leaving messages on their phones or writing in notebooks. After Mitsuha sets Taki up with an older co-worker and her mentioning a comet that is supposed to come by as their date finishes the switches stop.


Feeling like there is something missing he travels to Mitsuha’s town using memories from the switches and drawings he had made of it. He finds the location but the town had been destroyed by a part of the comet that broken off three years ago with everyone living in the town dying. He locates the isolated shrine and goes there and drinks the saki that Mitsuha had made and they are able to switch once more and is able to warn her of the comet strike. They attempt to write each other names on their hands so they won’t forget each other but they do.


Mitsuha races back to town and convinces her friends in assisting in getting the town evacuated. They partially do but Itomori is still destroyed by the comet. 5 years later Taki is looking for a job but feels like there is something or someone missing from his life. Mitsuha has moved to Tokyo and also feels this way. One day they see each in opposing passing trains and they both get off at their next stops and run around Tokyo looking for each other before meeting on a set of stairs in which they ask each other their names.


You really have to see this to fully understand it and feel the emotion. As I have said the art in this is gorgeous especially those in and around Itomori though the scenes within Tokyo are also lovely and realistic. The other thing that I would like to mention about this is the music which is also beautiful and suits the movie. It is done by a Japanese rock band Radwimps.


I cannot recommend this movie enough






The Badger On: Spider-Man: Homecoming (Movie)


I did not see this in the cinema which is I think obvious since it was out a couple of weeks after Wonder Woman. I am also not a fan of Spiderman in general if you have read my review for Captain America: Civil War or any of my Pop Goes the Badger posts in relation to the Marvel in general.

I have seen this twice through the digital copy that I bought through iTunes not so much for me but for my fiancé The Eagle and also for my nieces. I watched it first on my own and then again over the weekend with the Eagle as he is a Spidey fan.

Admittedly I didn’t think much of it the first time that I saw it though my anxiety was pretty bad that day and so I was having a few issues with focussing. I did enjoy it a bit better the second time but I think that it was mainly because the Eagle enjoyed it.

The story starts after the Battle for New York in the Avenger where Adrian Toomes and his salvage company are contracted to clean up the city. They are taken over by a government operation and angry about this he and his employees keep the tech that they had already salvaged and use it to create weapons.

After returning from the battle in airport in Civil War but is told by Tony Stark he is not ready to become an Avenger. He returns to school and annoys Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) with updates with what he is doing. He does local stuff in the evenings and eventually stops and ATM heist when the crooks where using weapons developed by Toomes.

After another altercation with people working with Toomes Spiderman meets the Vulture. Spider-man is able to track Toomes and cronies to Maryland and he re-joins his school’s academic decathlon team so that he can go to Washington. He sneaks out gets traped but escapes and eventually saves his classmates after they are trapped in an elevator at the Washington Monument.

Coming back to New York Peter find out where the Toomes is going to be next. After a battle on the Staten Island Ferry in which Tony Stark has to come to his rescue Tony tells him off and also takes back the Spider-Man suit. Peter returns to normal school life and asks his crush Liz to the Homecoming dance. When he goes to pick her up he realises that her father is Toomes/Vulture. Toomes also realises that Peter is Spider-Man and threatens him. Peter ends up abandoning Liz at the dance to go after her father. They have another battle in which Spider-Man saves Toomes’s life.

Tony Stark has a change of hearts and offers to allow Peter to join the Avengers but Peter declines saving that he wants to stay local for a while. Tony however does return the suit to Peter.

The performances were good especially Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spiderman but then he was good in Civil War and they choose the right person this time around. Michael Keaton also played his part well as Adrian Toomes/Vulture but at the same time I think his motivations were a little weak. I enjoy the character of Ned played by Jacob Batalon as the BF/sidekick character to Peter Parker.