The Badger On: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Movie)

If you have read my list of favourite Marvel movies found in my Pop Goes The Badger Blog you would know that  Guardians of the Galaxy came in at number 2, after the Avengers, as the Marvel movie that I most enjoyed. Despite 3 more movies coming out since then, including this review, I will stand by that. Even though Captain America: Civil War is probably their best made movie on a enjoyment level I still prefer the Avengers and Guardians more. Actually I will say that Winter Solider is still probably my favourite Cap movie, on my enjoyable scale, as the last time I watched Civil War (and second viewing) I fell asleep. I might have to revise that list to include the three additional movies but might wait until after Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok are released.

I will try not to be too heavy with the spoilers considering that this movie has not been released in all regions.

First off, it is an enjoyable movie, actually my bf likes this one better than the first though he still thinks that there is not much of a storyline in either movie. I still, however, think the first one has a charm that this one kind of lacks. There is a little growth in the characters and the humour is much more present in my opinion and Baby Groot is adorable and should bring a smile to your face every time he is on screen.

While the original movie was an introduction and formation of the team, Vol 2 is a movie about family and fatherhood. At the end of the first movie Peter Quill/Star Lord (Chris Pratt) finds out that he is only half human with his father being something that even the Nova Corps were unaware of. In Vol 2 we meet his father a Celestial (a kind of god) named Ego (Kurt Russell). Peter is a little resentful of his father to begin with but eventually get swayed by the charm of Ego and actually finding his father. Gamora (Zoe Salanda) is suspicious of Ego and also resentful to an extant as she feels that Ego is taking Peter away from the family that is being formed within the Guardians.

It is not just Peter and his budding relationship with his father that is being explored. The relationship between the Gamora and her sister Nebula (Karen Gillan) and the treatment the endured by their adoptive father Thanos along with the relationship of Peter and his kidnapper Yondu (Michael Rooker), who we find out was hired by Ego to bring Peter to him after his mother died but didn’t. Yondu also builds a bit of a relationship with Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) as they are very much alike in some ways.

Like in the first one the music is good though admittedly not as good or used as well as the first one, in my opinion. Stand out tracks being Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain and Cat Stevens Father and Son. The last one in  particular might bring tears to your eyes, as it did me. I think it just one of those songs that you just instinctively know the words too as I was mouthing the words to it as it was playing and my bf was singing aloud to it.







The Hateful Eight (Movie)

There is just something about Quentin Tarantino that I like. I think it is just his passion and the obvious enjoyment he gets out of what he does. Kevin Smith is very much like that as well. He has a way of telling a story and you can always tell a Quentin Tarantino movie when you watch it.


Despite that I can’t say that the Hateful Eight is his best work, I still think that honour goes to Pulp Fiction but that could be debated at a later date. It was way too long for my liking and location wise it really only takes place in two places a carriage travelling in a snow storm that will turn into a blizzard and a roadhouse called Minnie’s Haberdashery on the way to Red Rock, Wyoming. In the initial carriage scenes we meet O.B the driver of John Ruth (Kurt Russell) who is a bounty hunter known as the Hangman and his prisoner who he is handcuffed to, Daisy Domague (Jennifer Jason Leigh).


On the road they pick up another bounty hunter and former war hero Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L Jackson) who is heading the same way with his own dead bounties. Ruth lets him on mainly due to the letter from Lincoln that Warren has in his pocket. They then encounter Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins) who claims to be a new Sherriff of Red Rock. They arrive a Minnie’s where they have to nail the door shut every time. The owners of the roadhouse have apparently gone to visit Minnie’s mother, and is left in the charge of Bob (Demian Bichir) a Mexican whom Warren is very suspicious of.


Within the roadhouse is an old southern General Sandy Smithers (Bruce Dern), the hangman of the region Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth) and a cowpuncher by the name of Joe Gage (Michael Madsen). From the get go Ruth is suspicious of everyone thinking that there is someone in the roadhouse that wishes to set Domague free, with only Warren that he trusts.


Naturally as it is a Tarantino movie there is a lot of violence and general bad language and by the end just about everyone is dead. There is only one thing that I will be a little nit-picky about and that is Zoe Bell. Now she did not play a huge part in the story admittedly but I just thought a Kiwi and a female driving a team of horses in post-civil war Wyoming seemed unlikely and it bothered me so much so that I had to research to see if it was possible. It was but still….

badgerbadgerbadger 1/2